Lebbeus Woods - 1940 - 2012

Lebbeus WoodsLebbeus Woods

Woods was invited by MU, ACE and the TU Eindhoven (department of architecture) to organise an exhibition of his own work in Eindhoven, to lead a workshop with students of the TU Eindhoven and the Design Academy and to give two lectures. The exhibition comprised a hundred drawings, ten objects he had developed with students in Vienna and the legendary model of the Solo House. During the first discussions in Eindhoven a plan was hatched to build one of his installations on the façade of De Witte Dame, which eventually resulted in The Hermitage. The Hermitage is a temporary art work that will be installed at De Witte Dame for six to nine months. This is the first time that such an object by Lebbeus Woods has been realised at full scale.